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The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd

Hollard is a global financial services business with operations in Australia, Africa, Europe, India, China and the United States.

Hollard Australia started from humble beginnings over 15 years ago with current Chief Executive Officer Richard Enthoven. As a pioneer in the Australian market, the business was able to draw on its remarkable 20-year history of insurance innovation of Hollard in the South African market.

Hollard entered the Australian market in 1999 and protects the assets and quality of life of over 700,000 Australian clients. Internationally, the Hollard Group provides a wide range of insurance products and services to more than 7.2 million policyholders.

Hollard’s unique business model and partnership philosophy have quickly established Hollard as the partner of choice for many of Australia’s leading underwriting agencies and independent insurance brokers, financial institutions and retailers.

Hollard is licensed by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ). It is also authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

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The Financial Strength Rating of our partner Hollard

Hollard is a global financial services business with operations in Australia, Africa, Europe, India, China and the United States.

Standard and Poor's

'A' Financial Strength Rating

Standard and Poor's has assigned to The Hollard Insurance Co. Pty Ltd. the Financial Strength Rating of 'A' (Outlook Stable).

Rating effective 15 November 2023.

The Standard & Poor's rating scale is:

AAA Extremely Strong
AA Very Strong
A Strong
BBB Good
BB Marginal
B Weak
CCC Very Weak
CC Extremely Weak
C Selective Default
D Default

The rating may be modified by the addition of a plus or minus sign to show relative standing within the major rating categories.

The rating scale above is in summary form. A full description of this rating scale can be obtained from

Capital Adequacy Disclosures

Under APRA's Prudential Standard GPS 110 Capital Adequacy, Hollard is required to publish, at least annually, information to improve the understanding of its capital adequacy by policyholders and other market participants. The following information fulfils this requirement for the general insurer The Hollard Insurance Company (HIC) Pty Ltd, Hollard Insurance Partners Pty Ltd and the Level 2 Insurance Group Hollard Holding Australia Pty Ltd.

As at 30 June 2023, our capital adequacy filed with APRA is as follows:

As a licenced insurer in New Zealand, HIC is required to disclose the home jurisdiction equivalent of the following items under the RBNZ's solvency framework.

Given the Australian home jurisdiction of HIC, the equivalents under APRA prudential standards are provided.

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