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Quick questions

Bicycle Security

How do I know if I have an approved lock?

The last thing you want is for your prized possession to be stolen. Make sure that your bike is properly secured with the correct quality lock.

Bicycle cover

How much will it cost to insure my bike?

Our cover is based on your bike. Get a quick, obligation free quote now to find out what it will cost.

Making a claim

How do I make a claim?

Our claims process is simple and easy. Complete a claim in 3 hassle free steps.

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Are there any restrictions on Sundays Insurance?

In order to be eligible for coverage under this policy, you must be:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Reside in New Zealand on a permanent basis
  • The owner of the bicycle, but not a sponsored or professional cyclist

The bicycle must be in New Zealand at the time you apply for this insurance and when the policy is issued.

The bicycle can be used recreationally only, and will not be insured by us for professional use.

What is the difference between a custom part and an additional accessory?

At Sundays Insurance, we define a ‘custom part’ as a part or component you’ve fitted to your bicycle as a replacement to, or in lieu of, a manufacturer-supplied part. It must be listed included in the total sum of your insured bicycle.

So if you swap out the wheels that came with the bike for a set of your choice, this is considered a custom part and should be included in the bike’s listed value.

An ‘accessory’, on the other hand, is any additional piece of equipment that is added to your bicycle, but which isn’t a permanent feature. Accessories might include GPS computers, mounts and pannier racks, as long as the bike didn’t come with them already attached.

You do not need to specify the itemized accessories on your policy, but proof of ownership is important when it comes to claiming. We recommend you store your receipt safely, or take a photo of it and send it to yourself for safekeeping.

Are my accessories or additional wheelsets covered if I loan them to a friend?

No, we don't cover your accessories or wheelsets while they’re being used by anyone but you. Remember, we only cover these items if they form part of your insurance policy and are damaged or stolen in a covered loss or when claimed for when used in conjunction with your bike or while in transit for use with your bike.

Are my bicycle accessories and additional wheelsets covered?

Yes, if you choose an optional benefit that provides cover for accessories and wheelsets. You can add all sorts to your policy – like a GPS computer, cycling-specific kit or your helmet – you can choose to insure accessories up to a total value of $10,000.

You can also add additional wheelsets to your policy.

Alternatively, you can give us a call on  (09) 886 6600 or email us at

and we'll add them for you.

My bicycle is custom built, can I get insurance?

Yes. Just be sure to include the value of the custom parts in your overall bicycle value. You can add additional accessories under your accessory and wheelset section. Please make sure you are able to supply a purchase receipt of all custom parts and accessories in the event you need to make a claim.

Is my bicycle covered while on a plane?

As long as your bicycle is securely packed in suitable transportation equipment and you’ve selected worldwide coverage, your bicycle will be covered on a plane when traveling abroad. Local transit is covered when using a commercial carrier.

Can family members ride my bicycle and still be covered?

Yes, as long as the rider is older than 18 years of age the bicycle will be insured if all other conditions are met.

What if I get a new bicycle?

Firstly, congratulations! A new bike is always a cause for celebration at Sundays Insurance.

If it’s less than 30 days since purchase, you just need to send us your receipt to prove the condition and ownership. Outside that window, you can simply send us some high-resolution photos.

Additionally, if you cover your bike within 30 days of purchasing it new, we will not consider depreciation in any future claim settlement.

Get a quote for your new bike by calling us  (09) 886 6600 or email us at

What if my bicycle is damaged in a road traffic accident with an uninsured driver?

We know that getting caught up in a collision with a vehicle is every cyclist’s worst nightmare, and we want to give you one less thing to stress about.

Whether or not the driver is insured, your bicycle will be covered under our bicycle insurance and we’ll either repair or replace your bike as soon as possible.

However, we do not provide third party cover. This means we do not cover damage to a third party’s car, bike or for their injury.

What if I get hit by a car while cycling?

In the unfortunate event, you are hit by a car, your bike will be covered under your accidental damage coverage.

Is my bicycle covered for overseas travel?

We know there’s nothing better than packing up your bike and heading off to sunnier climates. We give you the choice to add optional worldwide coverage on your policy so you can globe trot with peace of mind for up to 90 days in any policy period.

If you already have your travel plans sorted when you go through the process of purchasing Sundays Insurance online, then you can add worldwide coverage during the process. But if your plans come together at a later date, get in touch with our friendly team of consultants when your plans are finalised and they’ll get you covered.

Does Sundays Insurance offer cyclist liability insurance?

Unfortunately, we don't offer cyclist liability insurance at this stage.

Can professional cyclists, sponsored cyclist and couriers use Sundays Insurance?

Unfortunately, at this stage we don’t offer coverage for sponsored cyclists, professional cyclists or for individuals whose bikes are used or rented out for compensation or the carriage of passengers or courier services (delivering goods, parcels, packages or any other delivery service).

We define professional racing as partaking in activities with your bicycle for which you are remunerated (in money or any other form). We do not view you as professional if, for example, you get limited assistance from your bike shop for things like cycling kit and some energy gels under the value of $3,000 per calendar year or a discount on your bicycle of no more than 50%

If you are a professional or sponsored rider, please contact us on (09) 886 6600 or email us at, for further clarification and individual case reviews.

Do you cover e-bikes like mine?

Yes, we love electric pedal power!

For the purposes of this policy, the definition of ‘e-bikes’ includes electric ‘pedal assist’ or "pedelec" with a maximum power output of 300 watts and a maximum assisted speed of 45km/hour for on-road models and 32 km/hour for off-road models. The motor may operate up to a maximum assisted speed of 6km/hour without human pedalling.

We don’t cover bicycles fitted with internal combustion engines or other sources of power assistance. Your e-bike must have started off as an e-bike, and not be a retrofitted regular road bike or mountain bike.

Please note that if you have an e-bike insured with us, you have to make sure that you comply with your country's laws regarding e-bikes.

Do you cover more than one bicycle per policy and do I get a multi-bike discount?

We know you can only ride one bike at a time - but you can own many more! Setting up multiple bikes on one policy is easy. Just indicate you want to cover multiple bikes during the quoting process and you’ll qualify for 10% off for the second one and 15% for bike three or more.

This is only applicable across all listed bicycles and excludes accessories and other selections.

Finally, a great excuse to get that new bike you’ve had your eye on!

What is the maximum bicycle value Sundays Insurance will insure?

The maximum value for individual bicycles we insure automatically through the website is $30,000 per bicycle.

While we can only provide online quotes for bikes valued at up to $30,000 we may cover bikes with a higher value. Please give us a call on (09) 886 6600 or chat with one of our friendly consultants on our live chat for a specialised quote.

My bike is quite old, can I insure it?

To get an online quote, your bicycle must have been bought new within the past five years. The minimum sum insured we cater for is $350.

While we can only provide online quotes for bikes valued at up to $30,000 we may cover bikes with a higher value.

Please give us a call on (09) 886 6600 or chat with us

What risks am I covered for?

We want to ensure you can always ride with peace of mind, so we’ve designed our product to cover you in a range of scenarios including:

  • Theft from & away from home
  • Accidental damage to your bicycle, like crashing
  • Malicious damage
  • Domestic travel with your bicycle
  • Transporting your bicycle on a bicycle rack
  • Optional worldwide coverage
  • Optional racing and event coverage
  • Optional coverage for your accessories & wheelsets
What level of coverage is available?

We offer a range of customised coverage add-ons, like racing & event entry fee coverage and worldwide cover depending on how you use your bicycle.

If you aren’t sure, contact our team via email on, phone us on (09) 886 6600, or talk to one of our friendly consultants on our live chat.

How is depreciation on my bicycle calculated?

We only consider depreciation as part of the settlement of your claim if your bicycle has not been insured from new as per the definition in the Policy wording.

Depreciation is applied if the bicycle or item you are making a claim on is older than two years at the time of the claim and was not insured from new with Sundays.

The depreciated value is calculated by taking the original RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of the item and deducting 10% for every year or part thereof.

Should we be unable to establish the original RRP, we will make use of the current RRP of an equivalent replacement item and apply depreciation.

How much should I list my bicycle for?

You are responsible for determining and advising us of the estimated costs (sum insured) to replace your bicycle, using your knowledge of when the bicycle was purchased, its recommended retail price and depending on its age depreciation.   We cannot give advice on how to insure your bicycle and the sum insured value. However, we do have some general tips to help you calculate your sum insured:

  • Bicycles purchased new
    Consider the purchase price or the new recommended retail price, whichever is greater.
  • Second-hand or not new
    Consider the market value. Market value means our best-estimated price that a buyer would pay and a seller would accept for an item in an open and competitive market for a bicycle or custom part or accessory of similar make, model, quality, material, condition, function, type and age.

    To calculate this, take the original recommended retail price of the item and deduct 10% for every year or part thereof.
Is my bike covered if I have a crash during a race?

Yes. You simply need to add optional racing and event coverage to your bicycle insurance policy to ensure it’s covered during races, triathlons, and sportives.

Am I covered if I have a cycling accident?

If you have an accident, like a crash, and have a valid claim on your bicycle, we will pay up to $750 for out-of-pocket emergency medical expenses.

This can be applied to things like ambulance costs, x-rays or getting stitched up after a crash, but does not apply to non-emergency costs like physiotherapy.

Is my bike covered if it is stolen from my home and worth more than $3,000?

Yes. Sundays Insurance can cover bikes up to the value of $30,000 each. Note, your whole bicycle collection can exceed this value as long as each individual bicycle comes in under that number.

Will you cover damage to my roof rack or bike rack?

We cover an insured bicycle that is damaged while fastened to a roof rack or bike rack, but we don’t cover the rack itself.

Is my bike covered for damage if I drive into an indoor car park or garage, accidentally forgetting that it’s fastened to the roof rack?

Yes. As cyclists ourselves, we know that repairing or replacing a mangled carbon frame can cost thousands of dollars. We’ve got your bike covered while transporting it on your roof rack, subject to policy terms and conditions.

Is my bike covered if it is stolen mid-ride?

Yes. With Sundays Insurance your bike is covered if, for instance, a light-fingered passer-by steals it while you’re enjoying a mid-ride coffee stop.

There are conditions though: The bike must be in your line of sight and at most five metres from where you’re sitting, otherwise it must be securely locked through its main frame by an approved lock to an immovable object.

Do you choose the bike shop to carry out the repair or replacement of my bicycle?

We’re passionate supporters of the cycling industry, especially bike shops.

We are happy to and would actually prefer to work with your bike shop of choice, but we retain the right to choose a repairer if, for example, the bike shop does not have the necessary expertise or stock to carry out a specific assessment.

In such a case, we’ll make use of an assessor and/repairer of our own choosing.

I have made an insurance claim for my bicycle before, will this affect my coverage?

Probably not, but in some circumstances it might.

Every policy is assessed individually, so it’s important that you give us all the information we need during the quoting process, especially if you’ve had any bicycle-related losses in the past three years.

Any gaps in your details might affect future claims so if in doubt, let us know.

How much will it cost to insure my bicycle?

One of the benefits of Sundays Insurance is that your premiums are personalised to your bike year and model - we don’t do a one-size-fits-all approach. Our policies start from as low as $10 per month, but unfortunately we can’t provide one figure that will apply to everyone.

When calculating your insurance premium, we use factors such as:

  • Specified value of your bicycle
  • Your age
  • Optional coverage selected (such as worldwide coverage, racing and event coverage, and lifetime new for old coverage)
  • The number of bicycles you’re insuring. Did you know that we provide a multi-bike discount?

The best way to find out is to complete a quote or chat with our team. It only takes a few minutes to complete a quote, or you can call us on (09) 886 6600 or email us at

Does Sundays Insurance cover most cycling-related risks?

Many cyclists think their bicycle is covered under another insurance policy they may have,  they may only find out they’re not sufficiently covered when it’s time to claim, and by that point, it’s too late.

To find out how well your bike is covered under your homeowners & renters policy, here are some questions you can ask your current or potential insurer:

It is important for you to determine if your current insurance provides sufficient cover for your needs.

  • Is my bicycle covered if I ride it and crash it?
  • Is my bicycle covered for theft away from home?
  • Are my bicycles covered for their full value, or are there coverage limits on the policy?
  • Is my bicycle covered for accidental and malicious damage?
  • Is my bicycle covered for racing?
  • Is my bicycle covered when traveling with my bicycle?

Do I have to insure the contents of my home with Sundays Insurance to be able to get coverage for my bicycles?

No. We only provide specialist bicycle insurance, so you can’t insure any other home contents with us.

Why should I consider Sundays Insurance?

Sundays Insurance ensures you can handpick the cover that’s right for you, and enjoy benefits unique to the sport and related situations you may find yourself in, whether you ride a road bike, mountain bike, or even an ebike.

You can also enjoy optional benefits unique to specialist cycling insurance such as racing coverage, worldwide coverage, and coverage for your accessories and wheelsets.

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