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Why you need specialised bicycle insurance

October 13, 2023

So you've invested in a bike and all the gear, what's next? Bicycles can be expensive investments and you need to do everything that you can to look after them. Insuring your bicycle is one way to protect it against unforeseen accidents. Here's why you should choose specialised bicycle insurance for your beloved bike.

Excess and Premiums

Keep in mind that most insurers including  Home and Contents Insurers adjust premiums every time you claim. We keep our premiums and excess amounts low so that you can spend your hard-earned dollars on important areas of your life, like your bike. Your premiums are based on your bicycle and the coverage you select; this means they’re not affected by anything or anyone else. If you have to make a claim, you don’t need to worry about premium increases. With Sundays your premiums don’t increase even if you claim and there’s a fixed excess of $150

For Cyclists by Cyclists

When you start speaking about your bottom bracket and the squeaking noise the crank makes when you push power or your derailleur hangar that broke after a crash on the trails, we know what you’re talking about and are here to help get you back onto two wheels as quickly as we can.  

Multi-bike insurance:

Specialist bike insurers like Sundays offer you a multi-bike discount when insuring more than one bicycle. We understand that the correct number of bicycles is n + 1 and that’s why we offer you a discount on your second, third or even fourth bicycle that you add to your policy.

Comprehensive Cover

The last thing you need is to have something happen to your bike and not be covered. Specialist bicycle insurance is typically very comprehensive and covers you for a range of cycling specific risks. Your bike is not only covered at and away from home, but you can also cover it when travelling internationally for up to 90 consecutive days (when selecting this option). Unfortunately bicycles are stolen on a regular basis across the UK, Sundays across cover against theft for your bike and accessories from and away from home. Every cyclist’s nightmare is to have something happen to their bike when it’s being transported on a bike rack. With Sundays, you can take a drive to the newest trailhead, knowing your bike is protected. If you’re someone who races their bike often, you can add racing cover just in case you get tangled up in a crash during a crit. You can also add accessories, gear and additional wheelsets onto your bike insurance policy because we know how valuable it can be and understand that it needs cover, too.

From personalised service to extensive cover, accessory and wheelset protection, and lower excess amounts and premiums, the list of reasons to take out specialist bicycle insurance is long.
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