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30 Days Free Benefits

Why your store should be part of our 30 Days Free Program
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$10 per lead

We pay $10 per qualified lead when activated via our co-branded page.


We include your store in our Friday food reward programme.

Preferred supplier status

All partner stores will be added to our online claims journey as a preferred repairer/store.

Sundays will endeavour to allocate any claims repair & assessment back to your store for any future claims that stem from customers that was introduced to Sundays via your 30 Days Free activation.

Your 30 Days Free customers will be eligible for an excess waiver on any claim within the first year of cover.

Depreciation will not be a consideration when claiming for any customer that entered via your 30 Days Free web platform as per Sundays policy.

What you need to do next

Set up landing page

Assist our team with basic info to setup your unique co-branded 30 Days Free landing page.

Get in store activation materials

Select your preferred in store materials from a diverse range including:
Dual-branded gift bags, unique QR code business cards, flyers, and posters.

Spread the word

Introduce the awesome benefits of 30 Days Free to your customer with each new bike that is
sold in your store.

Share link

Assist customer by pointing to the unique landing page via one of the activation materials QR codes.

Happy customers

Your customer can now have the freedom and joy of riding with peace of mind.