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The do’s and don’ts of locking your bike

September 29, 2023

That sinking feeling you experience when you return to the spot where you locked your bike only to find it gone is a feeling we would wish on no one. Unfortunately, bike theft happens, and leaving your bike unattended puts it at risk of being stolen.  Although you can’t control the thieves, you can take certain precautions to make it more difficult for your bike to be a target. Where you lock your bike, how you lock it, and what lock you use to secure it are all crucial to deterring criminals.  

Where to lock your bike:

We completely understand that sometimes you’re away from home and need to secure your bike somewhere while busy.  Leaving your bike unattended can be stressful, considering its emotional (and financial) value. We’ve put together some pointers to help prevent your bicycle from being nicked or damaged while you’re busy elsewhere.  

  1. Bike parking:

Across the country, there are designated bike parking, bike terminals, and areas where you can lock your bike. In Auckland, there is bike parking at most bus stations and ferry terminals. These are often the best places to lock your bike as there are proper rails to secure your bicycle. They are usually demarcated and sometimes even have cameras.

  1. High visibility areas

If there isn’t a specific bike parking, choose a high visibility area to park and lock your two-wheeled steed. A thief is less likely to pull out their tools and attempt to nick your bike if it’s parked in a high visibility/traffic area. Choose somewhere close to the entrance/exit of the building.

  1. Immovable objects

Locking your bike to something that can’t be moved seems pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how often people don’t do it. If the object you secure your bicycle can be easily picked up and moved, there’s not much point in locking it in the first place. If there aren’t any dedicated bike racks, look for street signs, lamp posts, or railings.  

  1. CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are excellent deterrents for criminals. Most streets and businesses have these nowadays. You can usually find the most cameras around banks, so if there’s one nearby your destination, it’s often a good place to lock your bike.  

How to lock your bike:

Parking your bike in a safe spot is only half of the battle. The other important thing to do is to lock it correctly. Choosing the right lock and place is null and void if you don’t lock the bicycle correctly.  

After you’ve found a suitable immovable object or allocated bike rack, it’s recommended that you use one of the high-quality locks from our approved lock list. Lock the bike to the immovable object or bike rack through the wheel and the frame. Ideally, you should use two bike locks, one to secure the frame to the immovable point and one to secure the wheels. Using two different bike locks makes it even harder for a criminal to steal your bicycle. Ensure that you fasten the bike locks as tightly as possible, preventing any space for a potential thief to insert a cutting tool.  

Use our approved locks list when looking for a lock for your bike. The range of recommended bike locks includes Kryptonite, Abus, Vault, On Guard, and more.

Although locking your bicycle correctly using an approved lock, in an appropriate area doesn't guarantee the your bicycle won't be stolen it could lessen the chances of yours being the target.

Unfortunately stolen bicycles aren’t covered by all insurers, however with Sundays insurance for bicycle theft is standard. We cover your bike and accessories if they’re stolen from home or away from home. You can follow the link here to take out a quick obligation-free quote to get extensive bicycle cover. 

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